About Physics Society

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Hello and welcome to the Chittagong University Physics Society (or CUPS for short)! This year, we have plenty of events on, including talks, socials, extracurricular classes and much more. This isn’t a society just for physicists; this is a society for anyone who is interested in physics, its applications, and physics-related topics. To find out more, have a look at our Events or subscribe to our mailing list.

About the Society

The Chittagong University Physics Society – CUPS is a student society that exists to promote and encourage an interest in Physics in and around University of Chittagong. We host talks most weeks during thursday in the Physics Department , often by leading experts and also hold social events which are a great opportunity to get to know others with an interest in all things Physics.

What kind of talks do we host? We’ve had talks by Dr. A. K. M. Moinul Haque Meaze, Dr. Shyamal Ranjan Chakraborty, Dr. Anjan Kumar Chowdhury, Dr. A. K. M. Ariful Haque Siddique, Mr. Mohammad Asadul Haque and Mr. Md. Mohsin, to name but a few. If you have any suggestions for speakers, feel free to drop us an email.How do I get involved?Simple. Head over to the How to Join page and follow the instructions there.