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As an executive or senior member, you need to be an enthusiastic champion of the new process. Make sure you are supportive of the process, communicate its value and engage others to participate.

Share your support through a variety of ways. And be prepared to answer questions from various students about “what’s in it for me” to help build organizational commitment to the process.

Finally, pay it more than lip service. Use the information derived from the process to guide strategic decision-making about the Chittagong University Physics Society.


S. M. Ahsanul Karim Shimul
B.Sc.(Hons.),MS. In Physics (CU)
Computer Engineer
Department Of Physics
University Of Chittagong
E-mail : &
Phone : +8801813-220893 , 01719-058268


Rajib DebnathPhysicsMS0820106201736262338
Md. Abul kalam AzadPhysicsMS0920101201722640379
Md. IkramPhysicsMS1020115601749001151
Santunu PurohitPhysicsMS0920109201814184602
Md. Minhazul AlamPhysicsMS1020115301720506655
Mst. Sujata KhatunPhysicsMS10201115
Akterunnaher EshitaPhysicsNew MS
Nadia Akter MoktaPhysicsNew MS11201038
Abdullah ImranPhysicsNew MS1120116701812865979
Md. KamrujjamanPhysicsNew MS1120116301729862885
Nayan Chandra SutradharPhysicsNew MS1120112901861206578
Muhammad Omar Faruque Physics4th1120117301820322216
Md. Ahad MiaPhysics4th1220116401924818719
Md. Mamunur RashidPhysics4th1220103501620694000
Md. Mehedi Hasan SohagPhysics4th1120108101738290363
Halima AkterPhysics4th11201107
Md. Yeasir-ad-DohaPhysics3rd1120117001762701469